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My specialty is in custom hand stamped jewelry pieces.

I have been creative most all of my life in various aspects, and found myself launching So Simply Quaint in early 2013.

My goal was to create sleek, simple and stylish designs that can be worn with anything.

I pride myself on a commitment to quality and a desire to provide great service. I do my best to add that little “personal touch” that everyone is looking for in a final product.

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Every metal piece is hand cut and every letter is hand stamped. They won’t be perfectly square, and the letters won’t be perfectly aligned …but that is what makes each piece uniquely yours! A little, “hint of whimsy” in your perfectly, quaint design. Seeing my customer’s face light up when they receive their custom piece makes the whole process worth it. Working

Why the name? –

Quaint – charmingly odd, cleverly made, artful, attractively unusual, being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected; slightly odd or even a bit weird.

Yep! That about explains it!

I enjoy making custom pieces and am open to just about any ideas my customers may have to get their perfect gift finalized.


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